Barrister – Solicitor

DDI: (09) 553 9236

Ext: 118

I joined the litigation team at Steindle Williams in 2019, with several years’ experience both as a Research Counsel in the District Court (examining legal issues in both the civil and criminal contexts), and as acting counsel for clients over the past 7 years in civil litigation (with a particular focus on Body Corporate, Resident societies and unit titles), including:

  • Body Corporate administration and procedure;
  • Leaky building litigation;
  • High Court property sales and vesting orders;
  • Debt collection proceedings in the High Court, District Court and Tenancy Tribunal;
  • Insolvency proceedings;
  • Body corporate rule enforcement;
  • Environment Court proceedings.

I work closely with David Hoskin in all aspects of the litigation process.

I believe in precise pragmatism in respect of each issue faced by our clients, with a firm belief that the most effective solution to any problem is found in having both the problem and solution well defined.