Christine Liang

Barrister and Solicitor

I joined Steindle Williams Legal as a member of the litigation team and work in the areas of civil and criminal litigation.

I have previously worked on a number of litigation cases including:

  • Acting for body corporates in its debts recovery process and the enforcement steps such as bankruptcy, and liquidation proceedings;
  • Assisting the lead provider with criminal legal aid cases including appearances in Court for plea, case review, and appearances of an administrative nature;
  • Assisting with written legal submissions for sentence indications and sentencing for criminal cases.

I listen to what the clients want to achieve and endeavour to obtain the best outcome for them. I guide clients through the process while keeping them informed each step of the way.

I also do volunteer work at the Citizens Advice Bureau in order to assist with every day disputes that people may have.

I am able to speak Mandarin which will also allow me to assist Chinese speaking clients where there is a language barrier preventing them from receiving legal advice.